Kurort. Eine Therapie Performance with teenagers

iChoreography is a performance and dance project initiated by choreographers Valerie Oberleithner and Magdalena Chowaniec. iChoreography works on the subject of body and internet.

IChoreography method

Putting the body in the first place - iChoreography is a physical method that actively intervenes in the relationship between the body and the digital world and can change it.
The Internet is like an instrument that creates virtual identities and exposes them. Working on this theme with teenagers is then quite obvious as they are looking for their own identity and they are very connected.
Asking them to close their eyes and to begin to move becomes a "journey" into another dimension in which the pulpit and the digital are being merged into one another, a dimension in which young people experiment with their identities, their body, dance and interaction.
Images are being questioned, powerstructures are being unmasked, relations are reversed.
iChoreography gives birth to choreography as a tool to create "a critical mind and a critical body" in relation to the internet.

 iChoreography KURORT is a participative performance installation set up around the topics of well-being, addiction to technology, sick and recovering bodies, New Age emotions and the future of our planet. The performance is set in a space on the intersection of a waiting room, therapy clinic, a spa and a gallery. A space where the common vision of the future is reflected upon. The visitors become the patients, the performers and artists care takers but the roles can be exchanged. The audience is invited into a theater space to become a witness, a participant, a guest and a practitioner of iChoreography.

iChoreography is a research project and a stage piece initiated by Valerie Oberleithner and Magdalena Chowaniec in 2015.

Premiere in Vienna : 3, 4, 5 march 2018

Brut, Imagetanz festival 2018

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